"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."
Peter F. Drucker

Our passion is to build software that makes you successful in creating and keeping customers. And have been since 1997.

For many years clients came to our small software boutique for a custom solutions for a unique case. Or so we thought.

As time passed we started to see a pattern. They wanted to use latest marketing theories and practices, but couldn't find software to run them. It seemed software was either designed and priced for Fortune 500 companies or mom-and-pops. Nothing in between. So they come to us for a custom build solution. And another. And another. We build everything under the customer experience and then some. 50 apps alone for a client.

Finally we accepted the obvious. We needed to build a marketing suite that covers the whole customer journey, from acquisition to loyalty. We have to throw into latest marketing theory, practices and our 15 years of expertise. But make it simple for busy everyday multitasking life of marketers. Marketers do not love projects, but results. And remembering how elephant is eaten, we split the whole to easy to digest pieces. Sophisticated. Simple. Modular. Cloud.

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Antti Pietilä
Antti Pietilä
CEO, Founder

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