The Complete Inbound Sales Desk

Multiply sales with supercharged lead generation


No credit card required.

Use Loyalistic to attract new contacts and nurture the existing ones to discover strong and timely sales opportunities.

Take your expert sales to the next level

Increase traffic

Attract visitors with mobile-friendly blogs and landing pages. Publish and promote easily. Improve your SEO.


Convert visitors

Convert visitors into subscribers or contacts. Use landing pages, embed forms to your website or trigger popup forms at the right moment.


Nurture Contacts

Nurture contacts with automated emails after an action, publish a newsletter or create targeted campaign. Easily use existing content by drag-and-dropping. So simple compared to separate email suites.


Detect opportunities

Loyalistic tracks visitors so you know who and when to call, and what to discuss. We score leads so you can focus on the best ones. For quick results, discover interest from existing customers with a tracked email campaign.

Tune your website

Add functionality to your existing website, blog, app or campaign: Build lists, Promote content, Add blogroll, Capture leads, Automate onboarding, add a QR-code… We have easy-to-install widgets which work on any website.

Improve your funnel

Loyalistic tracks every lead, content and activity to give you both high-level funnel analytics and detailed per-activity analytics to improve your game.

  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation

How it works

Increase traffic

Blogging is a great way to attract traffic, improve SEO and be active on Social media. Host your blog on Loyalistic and it’s not just mobile friendly, but comes with all tools integrated for full inbound operation.

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

Build an Audience

Build your audience with opt-in subscription forms. Keep them in a loop with your newsletter. Just drag-and-drop existing posts or create a new one, then hit send. Takes a minute, so it gets done.

  • Opt-in subscription
  • Email marketing
  • List management
  • Email Subscription

Capture Leads

Interest is best captured with Honeypots. Design a landing page with a form, add valuable content as a bait and you are ready to capture interested leads. Add emails to be automatically sent to each new lead. Honeypots work for event registrations as well.

  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Autoresponders

Keep in touch

Sending updates will keep your contacts interested & informed, to build the relationship. Create a newsletter or an email. Drag and drop blog posts or create some new content. Send. No designing, importing or exporting lists, or testing required.

  • Email marketing
  • List management
  • Email Subscription

Hot leads. S’il vous plaît.

Some leads are just so ready to buy. With Loyalistic, you hardly need to sell anyone else. We follow closely how your leads are interacting with your content to give you scored, hot leads to accept and close.

  • Profiling
  • Lead Scoring

Be prepared

Success comes to those who are prepared. Lead Profile preps you for a call or a meeting with a lead in seconds. Click to call or email. See interests and interactions. Research online.

  • Lead Profile

Improve your Game

So many things to do, yet Loyalistic keeps you focused on where you can gain most with analytics of your Funnel, Content, Promotion and more.

  • Analytics
  • Funnel

Designed for you

Loyalistic is a powerful, customizable marketing platform with all tools wired up and ready to go. Just add content and go. No marketing hipster or coding nerd needed.

  • Custom domains
  • Branding
  • Widgets
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Annual billing
25 €/mo with monthly billing
No credit card required

Starting up

  • Up to 250 contacts
  • Knowledge base
  • Email support.



Annual billing
125 €/mo with monthly billing
No credit card required

Scaling up

  • Up to 1500 contacts
  • + 1000 contacts 45 eur/mo
  • Onboarding Service and Training*
  • Knowledge base, Email and Phone support.


395 /MONTH

Annual billing
520 €/mo with monthly billing
No credit card required

Professional operation

  • Up to 15 000 contacts
  • Contact sales for more
  • Onboarding Service and Training*
  • Knowledge base, Email and Phone support.

*) With annual billing option.

Need even more? Contact us for our Enterprise Plan or Partner Program.

Price is VAT exclusive. A 24% VAT will be added for customers in the EU which do not provide a valid EU VAT code, and for customers in Finland.

Invoicing available for Plus and Pro editions with annual billing.

Start generating inbound now!

No credit card required.